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NAD C 379

The NAD C 379 aims to deliver high fidelity performance with its premium DAC, low noise circuitry, and robust amplification, while offering flexible connectivity options and the ability to expand features via its modular design.

Audiolab 9000N

With its premium build, high-resolution audio support, streaming service integration, and dedicated app control, the Audiolab 9000N aims to be a versatile and high-performing network audio solution in the company's flagship lineup.

Velodyne Acoustics MiniVee X

With its innovative driver design, powerful amplification, room calibration capabilities, and compact size, the MiniVee X promises precise bass reproduction ideal for music and home theater setups.

iFi Audio ZEN DAC 3

With its versatile connectivity, high-resolution decoding capabilities, and powerful yet transparent amplification, the iFi Audio ZEN DAC 3 aims to be an all-in-one solution for desktop and hi-fi audio setups.

MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 888

With its advanced 3-way concentric driver configuration, robust cabinet construction and Andrew Jones' meticulous engineering, the SourcePoint 888 aims to deliver exceptional sound quality and value in the floorstanding speaker category.

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