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Velodyne MiniVee X

With its advanced drivers, powerful amplification, comprehensive connectivity, and room correction capabilities, the Velodyne MiniVee X promises precise and impactful bass performance tailored to any room.

Lumin P1 Mini

With its impressive technical specifications, compact size, and versatile connectivity options, the Lumin P1 Mini aims to offer an all-in-one solution for high-performance audio streaming, D/A conversion, and preamplification in a variety of hi-fi and home theater setups.

FiiO SR11

The FiiO SR11 is a versatile and budget-friendly network audio streamer that brings modern streaming capabilities to traditional hi-fi setups through its wide connectivity options and support for popular streaming protocols.


The TEAC UD-507 is designed to deliver an immersive musical experience with a precise soundstage, deep dynamics, and faithful reproduction of the original recordings, especially with high-res audio formats. It combines TEAC's proprietary technologies in a versatile and compact package suitable for desktop use.

Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 2024

The 2024 WATT/Puppy represents Wilson Audio's latest iteration of this legendary speaker, blending the iconic design with modern materials, drivers and crossover technology to deliver an authentic high-fidelity experience befitting its 50th anniversary status.

Arcam SA35

The Arcam SA35 aims to deliver exceptional sound quality and flexibility as an all-in-one streaming solution for discerning audiophiles.

Arcam SA45

The Arcam SA45 combines Arcam's Class G amplification expertise with modern streaming capabilities and high-resolution audio support, aiming to deliver an exceptional music experience for dedicated audiophiles.

iFi Audio ZEN DAC 3

The iFi Audio ZEN DAC 3 is a compact USB DAC with built-in headphone amp, supporting hi-res formats up to 32-bit/768kHz, DSD512 and MQA. It offers high 300mW balanced output power to drive a wide range of headphones.

Chord Electronics Suzi

The Suzi system offers a modular, compact solution combining Chord's proprietary amp, DAC, and streaming technologies in one setup, accommodating existing Hugo 2/2go owners.

Dynaudio Contour Legacy

The Contour Legacy promises to be a meticulously engineered and aesthetically stunning limited edition loudspeaker that revives the iconic Contour series with Dynaudio's latest acoustic innovations and premium build quality.

NAD C 379

With its hybrid digital amplification, high-end DAC, comprehensive connectivity and upgradeable modularity the NAD C 379 aims to deliver quality audio performance with future-proofing at an affordable $1,099 price point in the integrated amplifier category.

Audiovector Trapeze Reimagined

The Trapeze Reimagined combines classic Danish styling with modern audio technology, aiming to reproduce the sound of a concert hall like the original 1979 Trapeze model. Its unique trapezoidal cabinet shape helps eliminate standing waves for optimal driver performance.

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