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Chord Electronics Suzi

Posted Monday, May 6, 2024

Chord Electronics Suzi

The Suzi system offers a modular, compact solution combining Chord's proprietary amp, DAC, and streaming technologies in one setup, accommodating existing Hugo 2/2go owners.

Suzi Power Amplifier

  • Delivers 30W per channel into 8 ohms

  • Allows direct integration of the new Suzi Pre preamp, Hugo 2 DAC, or Hugo 2 DAC and 2go streamer

  • Three primary use cases:

    1. Analog pre/power amp (Suzi Pre + Suzi)

    2. DAC/amp (Suzi + Hugo 2)

    3. Streaming amp (Suzi + Hugo 2 + 2go)

  • Can also be used as a standalone power amp

  • Features Ultima technology derived from Chord's flagship amps like Ultima Pre 3 and Ultima 6

  • Compact chassis with similar dimensions to the Hugo 2/2go combo

  • Pricing and full specs to be announced for autumn 2024 launch

Suzi Pre Preamplifier

  • Dedicated preamp designed to pair with the Suzi power amp

  • Includes a phono stage for MM and MC cartridges

  • Manual gain and input impedance adjustment

  • Frequency response: 7Hz - 30kHz (-3dB), SNR: 103dB, THD: 0.0007%

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Chord Electronics Suzi