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Velodyne MiniVee X

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024

Velodyneacoustics MiniVee X

With its advanced drivers, powerful amplification, comprehensive connectivity, and room correction capabilities, the Velodyne MiniVee X promises precise and impactful bass performance tailored to any room.


  • Two newly redesigned 8-inch woofers (one active, one passive) in a force-canceling configuration to minimise cabinet movement

  • 2-inch 4-layer high-purity copper voice coils for high current handling

  • 22mm linear excursion aligned with precision mechanics


  • Acoustically optimised MDF cabinet with internal bracing to eliminate resonances

  • Side-firing closed design for precise bass reproduction


  • Class D amplifier delivering up to 800W output power

  • High-efficiency switching power supply with multi-voltage support (100-240V)


  • Stereo high-level speaker inputs preferred by audiophiles

  • RCA stereo/LFE inputs and XLR inputs

  • Adjustable high-pass filter for RCA/XLR outputs

  • 3.5mm trigger input and delayed 12V trigger output

Room Correction

  • DSP-based room calibration and correction via Velodyne Acoustics EQ app for iOS/Android

  • Automatic room EQ with included calibration microphone

Other Features

  • Anti-clipping circuit and thermal protection

  • Bluetooth control via app for volume, crossover, parametric EQ, phase and subsonic filter

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Velodyne MiniVee X